Top 6 Most Common Causes of Lower Back Pain in Seniors

most common lower back pain causes
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Do you know what the most common causes of lower back pain are in seniors?

When you get older, your mind grows wiser and you’re more mature overall, but unfortunately for your body, it starts developing different painful issues, and you have to take really good care of yourself.

For instance, one of the most popular problems wiser people report is back pain, and that’s surely one of the worst things ever because it makes your daily activities feel more complicated. Not to mention, it’s also present when you sit down, lie down, or walk, so it’s pretty annoying.

However, in today’s article, we’ll talk about the most common causes of lower back pain in seniors. This pain can range from a constant ache to a strong and sharp one that might stretch down your leg. There are many reasons why you might suffer from this: whether you had an accident, you lifted something way too heavy, or you simply developed it slowly but steadily because of age.

But these aren’t the only most common causes of lower back pain in seniors, so if you want to learn more about your body and the signals it tries to send you, keep reading! Click on the next page and let’s begin, because we have many things to talk about!

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