7 Ways Seafood Can Improve Your Body


Our regular diets lack many of the essential nutrients that our bodies need to fight diseases, maintain an average weight, and age well. That’s why, in the US, there has been a significant rise in diet-related diseases and conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. A straightforward way to improve your health is to […]

11 Places on Your Body You’re Not Using Sunscreen (But You Should)


Do you know how to use sunscreen correctly?  Only now we are slowly beginning to understand why it’s so important to wear sunscreen wherever we might be. And for that, we have to thank global warming. But apart from that, it shouldn’t be a habit we adopt only in the summertime, but throughout all seasons. […]

11 Completely Bizarre Spa Treatments You Won’t Believe Are Real


How often do you go to the spa?  Who doesn’t prefer a trip to the spa when going on a holiday? Nothing can compare with a wellness treatment that will put you back on your feet and make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Whether we’re talking about luxurious spa treatments in the most outstanding locations […]

20 Reasons Why You Just Can’t Lose Weight Yet

losing weight

Unfortunately, losing weight is not that easy!  These days, weight loss is probably the most heavily debated topic – and for good reason. With so many diets, ‘miracle’ treatments and personalized workout programs, how can we ever know what works for us? Losing weight can feel like a losing battle. The internet is filled with […]

8 Natural Ways You Can Reverse Diabetes


The prevalence of diabetes hits record after record, with 34.2 million people of the U.S. population having diabetes. In fact, diabetes is actually the seventh leading cause of death in our country. With such statistics, there’s no wonder why most Americans are looking for surefire ways to reverse their health condition, and while many are […]

10 Things Considered Healthy in the Past That Are Definitely Not


Like most things, medicine has changed a lot throughout history too. What was thought to be healthy decades ago turned out to be super dangerous. If we think about it, even the definition of being healthy and living longer was different than we know it today. Nowadays, being healthy implies a plethora of activities and […]

11 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality at Home


When we think of air pollution it’s easy to conjure images of the smog filled streets of Los Angeles or perhaps a power plant billowing smoke into the sky, but it is a lesser known fact that the air in our homes can be up to 10 times worse than it is outside. And while […]

Top 10 Strangest Side Effects Antibiotics Can Give You


The discovery of antibiotics has been literally life-saving for the human kind. Nowadays, these prescription drugs can treat a wide range of infections by killing harmful bacteria inside our system, including pneumonia or urinary tract infections. As the medical industry has progressed, so have antibiotics. Now there are multiple variants of this drug. Each can […]

16 Clear Signs Your Kidneys Are in Trouble

Sadly, more than 26 million people suffer from kidney disease in our country, and the number is only expected to grow. Chances are you’re suffering from some sort of kidney issue, too. Even worse, your kidneys might be in trouble without you realizing it. Because not all kidney disease symptoms are super obvious, you should […]

9 Strange Eye Symptoms You Should NEVER Ignore After 50

eye symptoms

Dry eyes? Pain after watching TV or scrolling on your phone? Occasional blurry vision? We all experience these symptoms at some point even if our vision is perfectly healthy. However, recent studies from the National Institutes of Health reveal that over 6% of our country’s adult population is visually impaired. Millions of other people are […]

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