6 Delicious Breakfast Foods That Prevent Dementia

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2. Green smoothie

How many times have you heard nutritionists and fitness enthusiasts say that you should consume foods that are lean, clean, and green? They’re right, and I’ll tell you a little trick I have. Personally, I like to hit the gym in the morning, 3 times a week, because I want to feel strong and be able to run around with my grandchildren, whom I adore.

I don’t usually eat more than a banana before my sweat session, but after I’m done with it, give me all the breakfast foods you have because my body needs fuel. I heard a nutritionist from Cali, Kelly LeVeque, talking about a smoothie formula called Fab 4 Smoothie, which combines 4 magic ingredients your body needs on a daily basis, especially when it comes to keeping dementia at bay.

These ingredients include fiber, protein, fats, and greens. You can add fruits to this smoothie, but limit your intake to 1/4 cup and choose berries so you won’t spike your blood sugar levels.

One of my favorite recipes contains spinach (you don’t even taste it, but it gives a green color that I associate with health and wellness and therefore makes me think that I’m on top of the game), avocado for fats, a tbsp of chia seeds for fiber, and a scoop of chocolate or vanilla protein powder.

In general, smoothies go through me, and I’m hungry after 1 hour, but with this formula, I’m full until lunchtime. You can mix and match this formula as you want, based on what greens, fats, protein, and fiber sources you want.

Not only is this smoothie going to become one of your favorite breakfast foods, but it will also help you improve your memory power, keep dementia at bay, and shed a couple of pounds. Pretty amazing, right?

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