5 Reasons You’re Always Feeling Tired

These are the most common reasons you feel tired!

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do I feel tired and out of energy?” Many people wonder why they feel this way, and we are here to tell you about the most common reasons you feel tired.

Having no energy and feeling tired is something that happens to anyone once in a while. For example, those terrible mornings when you press snooze and you can’t wake up, or that midafternoon slump that destroys your entire day.

But if you feel like this most of the time, you should know that this is a signal that something is not quite alright, and you might need to start investigating. Let’s say that you don’t have any related health conditions and that you generally get a good night’s sleep. What can cause this?

There are a few reasons you feel tired constantly, and you should know about them so you can do something about them. Read on and discover everything you need to know about them!

reasons you feel tired
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1. Large meals

Usually, when you are having a meal, you try to take care and eat enough so you can feel satiated and full. You might think that this is a good strategy that will help you be energized the whole day, but is this entirely true? Can this be one of the reasons you feel tired?

When you eat a large meal, your body gets the signal that it will have a lot of food to process, and this is why your blood flow will concentrate on your digestive system. This will help aid digestion, which is great, but on the other hand, this is why you might end up in a food coma, also known as postprandial somnolence.

While your body is busy processing the food, you will feel sleepy and sluggish, and you will also be less alert. This can happen to any meal, but it is more common for meals that are high in fat since fat takes much longer to be digested.

If the meal is lunch, this means you will have a midday energy slump. This is probably something you don’t want to happen, and this is why you should try to eat meals that give you energy, stabilize the level of blood sugar, and, at the same time, are not heavy.

Try meals that are based on lean protein and complex carbohydrates, such as beans, whole grains, and starchy vegetables.

2. Sitting too much

Having some physical activity throughout the day is extremely beneficial, which is why you should walk for at least 30 minutes every day. Sitting for long periods of time is harmful, and according to research, it is also one of the reasons you feel tired.

When you stand up and move around, you give your body the chance to make the blood circulate through the whole body, giving you more oxygen. In the end, this oxygen will go to your brain, which will improve your memory and mood.

So, whatever you do, try to make some time every day to move a little bit. Go outside for a walk or do some gardening. This will help you a lot in the long run, and it is one of the healthiest habits someone can have.

If you feel drained out of energy and you can exactly pinpoint the reason why, be aware that sitting too much can often be one of the reasons you feel tired.

3. Eating a lot of sugar

We all know that sugar can be bad if you are eating too much, but did you know that it can also be one of the reasons you feel tired? Now you might think that this can’t be a possible cause for you since you are not eating candy, but even if candy and sweet things, in general, are the main culprits, you should know that all of the refined carbohydrates, such as chips, white bread, rice, and cereal, are all sugary.

After you consume these foods, your sugar and blood levels will spike, and you might feel more energized and alert. But this is not something that will last. This initial feeling of energy will go away, and you will get what is called a “sugar crash.”

When this happens, your blood sugar will crash, and you will start to feel irritated and fatigued. Now, this doesn’t mean you should not eat sugar. This is a part of our diet, and it is okay to eat it, but in moderation.

4. You’re drinking too much caffeine

Caffeine is something that might help you feel better when you have no energy, but it is also one of the reasons you feel tired. Maybe you refill your cup of coffee too often or you enjoy drinking soda. You need to know what the effects of caffeine are.

This compound is a stimulant and will give you that jolt you need in the morning or when you feel tired, but in the end, if you ingest too much of it, you will end up having a crash. As a result, you might get tired and angry and have difficulty concentrating.

Also, you need to know that if you consume too much, you will develop tolerance, which means you will need more caffeine to feel the effects.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) believes that 400 milligrams (mg) per day is safe for healthy individuals—which is the equivalent of four to five cups of coffee—but does not recommend anyone drink this amount.

Also, keep an eye on the way caffeine affects you, based on the quantity you drink and when you drink it. According to a previous study, afternoon sips of coffee might shorten your sleep by over an hour, but you may discover that you need to start caffeine consumption even earlier than the afternoon in order to get your best night’s sleep.

reasons you feel tired
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5. You skip breakfast

Even if the whole “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is just a myth, you still need to eat breakfast if you don’t want to have a low-energy lunch.

Following a lengthy period of fasting during the night, it is critical to provide your body with adequate calories to begin the day. Lacking this energy source, your body runs on empty, leaving you hungry by midday and more likely to eat unhealthy foods that will trigger the midafternoon glucose level drop.

Try to have a well-balanced breakfast that includes everything your body needs until you take lunch. Combine fruits, veggies, and healthy carbohydrates. Also, please don’t forget about the protein source. As protein sources, you can choose dairy, nuts, or eggs since they are all good choices.

One extremely important factor that affects how you feel the whole day and how tired you feel is the quality of your sleep. If you want to have restful sleep and always feel incredible, it is essential to have a proper pillow. The following is a great choice that will totally change the way you sleep: Shredded Memory Foam Pillows for Sleeping – Queen Size, Cooling Gel Pillows for Hot Sleepers Luxury Bamboo Pillow

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