Colonoscopy Prep: 9 Things You Should Know About the Procedure

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8. Go back to eating solid foods

Once you’re done with your colonoscopy, make sure you go easy on what you eat. You may be starving after the procedure (after all, you likely haven’t eaten in over a day), but it’s important to know that your digestive system may take several days to feel normal again. In other words, don’t rush into heavy, greasy foods—you may regret it!

Some doctors say probiotics help the gut bounce back, and they advise avoiding spicy foods for some days if a polyp was removed.

9. Celebrate… and tell a loved one!

Be proud of yourself and practice self-care—you got screened! Don’t forget to share the results with your family. Many patients leave a colonoscopy and go straight for a filling and delicious meal and a long nap.

While the nap part is a good idea, the food-related one isn’t, as we already explained why. You also won’t be able to work or drive following the procedure, so it would be recommended to take the day off and relax.

Since colorectal cancer risk is increased if colorectal cancer and/or polyps run in the family, tell your family the results—especially your children, parents, and siblings.

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