Colonoscopy Prep: 9 Things You Should Know About the Procedure

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1. Tweak your diet a few days before the actual prep starts

Eating low-fiber foods and smaller portions a few days before you do the colonoscopy prep can help the evening go smoothly. And here’s the question most people ask themselves before a colonoscopy: What should I eat before the procedure?

What you choose to eat and drink several days prior to a colonoscopy has a say in how the “clean-out” night goes. Doctors recommend consuming soups, smoothies, rice, eggs, chicken, salmon, pasta, steamed vegetables, lighter-colored foods, and digestive tea.

They also said what one should not eat before colonoscopy prep, and the list includes red meat, raw vegetables, popcorn, fried foods, seeds and nuts (including breads and wraps containing them), anything bright red in color, corn, apple skin, peas, and other high-fiber foods that are hard to digest.

Don’t forget to also decrease the size of your meals. According to doctors, doing this a few days before beginning colonoscopy prep makes it go smoother and easier.

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