Colonoscopy Prep: 9 Things You Should Know About the Procedure

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3. Choose yummy treats for the liquid diet

You must stick to a liquid diet, which means no solid foods, a day before your colonoscopy. What you choose to consume, whether it’s food or something to drink, can make or break the whole colonoscopy prep experience.

One thing you can do to make this experience more pleasant is to add your prep to some yummy treats while you’re on a liquid diet. Before we show you which options you have to choose from, remember to avoid any liquids with orange, red, or purple dyes.

The reason why you shouldn’t consume these is that they can look pretty similar to traces of blood during the colonoscopy, which can interfere with getting accurate results.

Some treats you can add to your colonoscopy prep include white grape juice, flavored sparkling water, black coffee (without creamer), JELL-O (not orange, red, or purple), Martinelli’s Gold Medal apple juice, Sprite or 7-UP, Crystal Light, Gatorade (not orange, red, or purple), and Gummy bears (avoid the purple and red ones and stick to the light ones for a little treat).

Doctors also recommend consuming electrolyte drinks, such as Pedialyte, which can provide hydration prior to the colonoscopy.

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