7 Symptoms of Appendicitis in Seniors Over 55

symptoms of appendicitis
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The symptoms of appendicitis (cont.)

Now, we are going to present you with some symptoms of appendicitis that might appear, but they are not that common.

4. Malaise

If you feel like you don’t want to engage in any activity and would prefer to just lie in bed, then you may have malaise. This symptom can be described as a general feeling of unwellness. This is how most people feel when they are sick, so the sensation might be familiar to you.

5. Fever 

As in any case of inflammation or infection, fever might also be present. If we look at the statistics, we can notice that up to 40% of those who suffer from appendicitis will develop a fever. Your immune system ramps up its activity when you have a fever. This means that your immune system is doing everything it can to fight the infection. Also, if the fever is rising, it can mean that the infection is spreading or that the inflation is increasing, so be careful.

6. Swollen belly

In case you notice that your bell has swollen, watch out because this is one of the most severe symptoms of appendicitis. If you feel bloated and look distended, it can be an indicator of an acute case of appendicitis or an appendix rupture.

7. Bowel paralysis

When your appendix is inflamed because of appendicitis, your body may redirect the blood flow from your bowels to the appendix. This can cause your bowels to temporarily stop moving. And because of this, there are some people who might develop constipation, and they could also feel like they can’t pass gas.

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