7 Symptoms of Appendicitis in Seniors Over 55

symptoms of appendicitis
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Acute appendicitis or chronic appendicitis?

Most of the time, the symptoms of appendicitis are acute. That means their debut is sudden, and they develop quickly. Almost all of the cases you know are cases of acute appendicitis.

We don’t have as much knowledge regarding chronic appendicitis. This is a very rare condition. It seems to happen when something causes long-term, recurrent appendix irritation, but it never worsens.

Many times, the chronic type goes unnoticed because the symptoms of appendicitis are not as severe as those of acute appendicitis. They come and go, and they don’t cause so much discomfort.

Yet appendicitis is a dangerous condition in all its forms. It’s essential to consult a healthcare professional if you experience persistent abdominal discomfort or pain and are unsure of the cause. At any time, chronic appendicitis can get worse or become acute.

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