7 Symptoms of Appendicitis in Seniors Over 55

symptoms of appendicitis
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The symptoms of appendicitis

There are more symptoms that can indicate the presence of appendicitis, and we will discuss them later, but the most common ones are abdominal pain, nausea, and loss of appetite.

1. Abdominal pain

Of all the symptoms of appendicitis, this one is usually the first to appear and is also the one that causes the most trouble. If you start to feel a sudden pain in your lower abdomen that might make you think of an upset stomach, you need to know that it might be appendicitis.

Generally, this pain starts a few days before the condition worsens, and one thing that you can do is observe if the pain migrates to the lower right side of your abdomen, where the appendix is located.

2. Nausea

Many times, when you have appendicitis, one of the symptoms is nausea. Vomiting might also be present, but it is not something that happens to everybody.

3. Loss of appetite

Another one of the symptoms of appendicitis, actually another gastrointestinal one, is the loss of appetite. Besides the pain in your lower abdomen and the nausea, you can also feel like you are not hungry at all.

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