Wash Your Hands IMMEDIATELY After Touching These 10 Disgusting Items

Wash Your Hands
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Cutting boards and kitchen sponges

We already know that the kitchen is a pretty germy environment. After all, you’re not only bringing in uncooked food but also moving around germs from utensils, food, and textiles, like kitchen sponges and towels.

A study found as many as 326 different species of bacteria living on kitchen sponges. So be sure to throw out the old ones and always wash your hands before prepping a meal and after handling raw meats.


Now that technology has replaced many paper products, washing your hands after touching screens is essential. Scientists say that one of the worst offenders is kiosk machines in public transportation locations or airports.

Germs are everywhere, and some surfaces can harbor more than you may realize. And cell phones count, too, especially if we share them with others. The good news, though, is that simple washing with soap and water will lower transmission of these pathogens.

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