Wash Your Hands IMMEDIATELY After Touching These 10 Disgusting Items

Wash Your Hands
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Escalator handrail

Recent research indicates that escalator handrails fall just behind food court tables and restroom sinks, the filthiest objects in all malls. When scientists tested the hard rubber cover that makes up a rail, they found a menagerie of disgusting items.

This includes mucus, food, blood, urine, and feces. They’ve even discovered potentially pathogenic bacteria, like E. coli, and bugs standard to the upper respiratory tract.

Taking the stairs seems like a good solution to this problem until you remember you’ll have to deal with a bunch of other handrails. And the elevator is a germ incubator with bacteria-infested buttons.

So it’s best to stick with the escalator and wash your hands as soon as possible…and maybe stay away from the handrail.


You probably don’t always wash your hands after touching your pets or any other animals. But you definitely should, according to experts. Animals can carry various diseases, they say.

And because pets are typically thought of as family-friendly, hand-washing is oftentimes overlooked. Washing your hands after touching animals or interacting with your pets is essential.

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