8 Things to Eat and Drink Before and After You Had the Flu Shot

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Balanced and colorful meals and snacks

It’s super important to remember that the flu vaccine won’t cause the illness, so if anyone tells you otherwise, it’s just a wild misconception. But it’s true that flu activity starts ramping up in October and November, which means it’s a good time to give your immune system a boost with nutrient-rich meals.

It’s also never too early to start a proper health-focused strategy. The most efficient way to mix up your menu and increase the amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants is to focus on adding more color to your plate.

Fruits and vegetables are the most nutrient-dense foods, and most of us are not even consuming enough of them.

Setting a proper goal to include a minimum of three different natural colors on your plate at every meal might go a long way toward supporting an overall healthy and strong immune system. Moreover, fruits and veggies are packed with water, which will help hydrate your pre- and post-shot.

Pack a snack.

Receiving a flu vaccine might trigger anxiety among some individuals, which could, in turn, result in fainting. Having a snack and some water right before your vaccine might prevent anxiety-related fainting.

Just pack something easy and a water bottle to have at your reach, in case you need it.

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