8 Shocking Reasons Why Men Die Earlier Than Women…It’s Not What You Think!

Indulging Health reveals why men die earlier than women!

By unlocking the mysteries behind the gender disparity in life expectancy, we wish to delve into the surprising revelations that shatter conventional beliefs.

In this eye-opening investigation, we’ll uncover the shocking reasons why men die earlier than women… And trust us, some may shock you! The subject has puzzled many, and it’s time to unravel the truth behind this phenomenon.

Are there biological factors at play, or is it the result of lifestyle choices and societal norms? Why men die earlier than women is an intriguing journey into genetics, health, and societal influences.

So brace yourself for a thought-provoking ride as we unveil the 8 surprising culprits behind the gender-specific mortality gap. Get ready to question everything you know because it’s time to find out why men die earlier than women!

Why Men Die Earlier Than Women
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Weaker social skills could be a reason why men die earlier than women

On average, women interact more with others than men do and form connections linked to longer life, according to psychologists. Women tend to have stronger social networks and more recurring interactions.

These social networks and doing things for others also might add to a woman’s longevity. On average, women tend to be more verbal and speak with more than men. This addresses issues and fortifies relationships.

Contrarily, men are usually discouraged from sharing the deeper stuff women usually do pretty smoothly. There seems to be a trend in the opposite direction. And while we’d like to encourage men to share their feelings more freely, these changes take time, and many are uncomfortable. They’re under more pressure to internalize their feelings.

More immune system challenges could be a reason why men die earlier than women

Another reason men die earlier than women is directly linked to the immune system, according to experts: Women live longer than men in general because they’re born with longer telomeres.

These are components at the end of chromosomes that act as an index of cell age, which is essentially your biological clock. Individuals born with longer telomeres tend to live longer. And the cells that produce your immune system can function healthier and longer.

Immune functions stay healthy or decline depending on how often they’re exposed to challenging things. Men are commonly exposed to immunological challenges, stress, injuries, and surgeries, which tax your immune system and run it down.

Stress reduction through practices like low glycemic-index diets, meditation, and good personal relationships all positively impact telomeres and are particularly helpful for men.

Heart disease also plays a factor in why men die earlier than women.

Higher levels of estrogen in women shield them from heart disease for 10 to 15 years longer than men, says a cardiologist from St. Joseph Health System in California. It’s well known that estrogen raises good cholesterol and lowers the bad kind.

Estrogen makes the inner lining of one’s coronary arteries more flexible. So, it’s less prone to inflammation and injuries related to atherosclerosis and plaque formation.

Chronic stress in men can also contribute to heart disease because it indirectly elevates cholesterol, blood pressure, and insulin, all contributing to the hardening of arteries. According to studies, men must work much harder to modify their risks to level the playing field.

You should begin checking your blood pressure and cholesterol in your 20s and immediately act on anything odd. Eating a Mediterranean-style diet, not smoking, exercising, and keeping your body weight within a healthy range also helps.

Why Men Die Earlier Than Women
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Chromosomes play a role in why men die earlier than women.

We learned in school that men have an XY chromosome, and women have an XX. Suppose a defect manifests on the X chromosome.

In that case, the genetic material on the extra X chromosome in women might provide some backup for expressing the good genes, say cardiologists.

There are many X chromosome disorders, including X-linked spinal muscular atrophy, hemophilia, and a neurological disorder called Partington syndrome. Genetically speaking, two X chromosomes beats an X and a Y most of the time, according to neurologists.

Boys that are born with an issue on the X chromosome usually don’t survive. An X-linked syndrome called Alport, for instance, is primarily benign in women but advances to kidney failure in men.

High-risk occupations could be a reason why men die earlier than women

A man’s occupation can also affect his reduced life span. According to a report done in 2012 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top three most dangerous occupations are fisherman, aircraft pilot, or logger.

These are all positions predominantly held by men. At 200 fatalities per 100,000 full-time workers, individuals working in the fishing industry passed away from workplace injuries at a rate 60 times greater than the average rate for the overall US workforce.

The fatality rate was nearly 62% higher per 100,000 for loggers and 57% higher than the national average for flight engineers and aircraft pilots. Farmers, structural iron and steel workers, roofers, and refuse and recyclable material collectors followed.

The safest trades were in training, education, and business and financial operations.

Bigger body size could be a reason why men die earlier than women

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to one’s longevity.

On average, people who are over 6 feet tall don’t live as long as those shorter than 6 feet tall, says an anti-aging physician and chief medical officer of CellHealth Institute, a New Jersey company that specializes in helping people live longer and healthier lives through a cellular approach to health.

Studies of a genetic mutation called the Methuselah Gene support this theory. The mutation seems to decrease the cell’s use of a growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor 1, and results in people who tend to be smaller but with a longer-than-average life span.

More prominent people within a species tend to have shorter lives, according to a 2004 study published in Medical Hypothesis. This is true for humans and most animal species, including insects, fish, primates, and dogs.

Higher metabolic rates could be a reason why men die earlier than women

Greater muscle mass in men versus women equals a higher metabolism since it requires more calories to maintain muscle. This gives men a higher calorie burn rate.

While it enables men to lose weight faster, it also means they “burn through” their stem cells faster, experts say, referring to cells that can differentiate and divide into specialized cell types and renew themselves. Imagine a car going 90 mph versus 40 mph.

You won’t go as far on that gas tank at the higher speed. Men burn out their stem cell pool faster. Frequent surgeries or injuries from a high-risk sport or lifestyle use up a man’s reserves even more rapidly.

Although men inherit their tendencies; they can still tip the scales in their favor with a healthier lifestyle. This includes diet and exercise.

Why Men Die Earlier Than Women
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Riskier lifestyle habits could be a reason why men die earlier than women.

Eating, smoking, and drinking alcohol to excess and internalizing stress can significantly contribute to increased heart disease risk and blood pressure, which cause men to pass away sooner.

To monitor this, ensure you regularly check your blood pressure and speak to your doctor it it spikes. If you don’t have one, we recommend this Blood Pressure Monitor from Amazon!

This lifestyle gap between men and women is smaller than it was years ago, though, when it wasn’t as acceptable for women to drink and smoke, says a professor of public health at Loma Linda University in Riverside, California.

Her studies also show that men and women who ranked higher on masculinity scales, as in they preferred more risk-taking and masculine hobbies and occupations, live shorter lives.

It’s worth noting that the more feminine men saw protective effects, and masculine women had longevity closer to men’s. The professor believes part of the reason for this is due to testosterone levels and a preference for riskier behaviors.

What do you think about why men die earlier than women? Do you agree with our findings? Let us know in the comments section below.

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