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10 Canned Foods You Should Avoid at All Costs

canned foods

Let’s be honest: it’s best to avoid canned goods at all costs. Why? Because when it comes to buying canned goods, you have to look for those labels that ensure that the metal tins are free of hormone-disrupting BPA, but also make sure that you buy nutrition labels that aren’t touting absurdly high sodium levels. […]

10 “Delicious” Leftovers You Shouldn’t Eat Even If They Are Amazing


Sometimes, last night’s dinner is a real-life saver when you need a hot and ready lunch. Even so, there are some foods that you should think twice about reheating. While it’s a great way to save more money (actually, it is highly advised in any conversation related to budgeting your household), some leftovers might actually […]

10 Healthy Beverages You Should Drink Everyday

drink healthy beverages

If we’re talking about staying hydrated, flushing out toxins, and keeping good tonus, water is the best possible choice. But unfortunately, it’s not always our first. A child might not like to drink plain water (yeah, let’s pretend that kids are the only ones), and wants more options. What do we do then? Well, if […]

23 Best Family Restaurant Chains in America


Which is your family’s go-to restaurant? Families of all kinds come together all the time at restaurants for comfort food and diner classics. Sometimes at buffets, and often for all-day breakfast. Over the years, many of these family restaurants have popped up across our country and have become standard American restaurants that can be found […]

11 Amazing Salads You Can Make in 15 Minutes


Salads aren’t normally your “Go-To” favorite meal…Until NOW! It can be tough to get a delicious yet nutritious salad together for you and your family on time in today’s fast-paced society. Salads are excellent meal options that many people look over, unfortunately. As a bowl, it doesn’t have to be yucky raw vegetables that are […]

Are These 10 Delicious But Expired Foods Safe To Eat?

Expired Food

Ahh…the age-old question! Keep it or toss it? Just because you have expired foods in your home, it doesn’t mean they’re not safe to eat. Every food you purchase has a shelf life. Except for fresh produce that isn’t sold in a package, virtually all food items are marked with an expiration date, giving the […]

10 Ways You Can Make Your Morning Coffee Even Better


Have you considered the ways in which you can make your morning coffee even better? *Attention, this article is written by a coffee lover, hence it will not be containing any objective opinion, only personal feelings about coffee* If you don’t even consider starting your morning without the proper cup of coffee, we totally get […]

9 Surprisingly Good Uses For Salt

We all have salt somewhere in our homes. However, people tend to take advantage of its cooking purposes without realizing how many other uses it has around the house. It stops bacteria from growing by soaking up moisture and creating an inhospitable environment for them. Just a pinch can solve many of your household problems. […]

10 Healthy Habits We Can Borrow From Olympic Athletes

Anyone who is interested in living a healthy and active life is definitely fascinated by the drive, dedication, and self-discipline of Olympic athletes. It’s true, some of the habits they adopted might not integrate fully into our lifestyles, but they have some that could really have a positive impact on our productivity and all round […]

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