11 Popular Supplements That Hide Major Risks

Iron Deficiency
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Who knew that supplements were not as healthy as we thought?

There are many reasons why people have turned to supplements to improve their health. Of course, they don’t do all the job alone, but along with healthy eating habits and the constant presence of sport, it can have a good outcome.

The more you exercise the more your body will feel the need to replace the nutrients that it consumed during training. They also play the role of a safeguard when we suffer from stress and we have some pretty bad eating habits. But some of these supplements are not so good for our health as we might tend to believe.

Some vitamins and supplements can actually be very harmful. Do you want to make sure you’re not risking anything by taking some “healthy” supplements that could only affect you? We made you a list of 11 supplements you better avoid, than risk anything.

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  1. I take 10 grams of vitamin C whenever i go out. Thats 10,000 mg. it prevents me from catching the wuhan virus.
    I’ve practiced this since March 2020. In the body vitamin C converts to hydrogen peroxide. When a molecule of virus enters my bloodstream it meets a tsunami of hydrogen peroxide and dies.

    1. Unless very high doses of vit c are taken via IV treatment, u will never achieve the levels that u r casually refering to…. This is regardless of the amount of vitamin C u take orally. When taken orally the levels remain quite low. Stop spreading skewed information.

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