5 Common Symptoms of Bed Sore As Per Experts

bed sores
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There is something to prevent bedsores. You need to frequently reposition yourself so you can avoid stress on the skin.

There are also other strategies, which include taking good care of your skin, maintaining proper nutrition and fluid intake, quitting smoking, managing stress levels, and, of course, exercising as much as you can.

Tips for repositioning

If you don’t know how to reposition yourself in the bedroom, here are a couple of helpful recommendations that might solve this issue:

  • Shift your weight as often as you can. You could ask for help when you want to reposition yourself. We’d recommend you do this every other hour.
  • Lift yourself if you can. If you have enough upper body strength, try to do some wheelchair pushups. Raise your body off the seat by pushing your arms out of the chair.
  • Look into a specific wheelchair. There are some wheelchairs that will allow you to tilt them, which might relieve pressure. This is the one we recommend.
  • Select good cushions or a mattress that relieves pressure. Use cushions or a special mattress, and make sure that your body is well-positioned. Don’t use donut cushions because they might focus pressure on surrounding tissues.
  • Adjust the elevation of your bed. If your bed can be easily elevated at the head, don’t raise it above 30 degrees. It will definitely prevent shearing.

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