11 Foods You Should NEVER Put in the Cart When They’re On Sale

Are you a sale hunter? 

When we think about saving money, our thoughts go directly to grocery shopping. Most of us go grocery shopping at least once a week, and if you’re one of them, you know how big the grocery bill is every time, so you might be tempted to buy some grocery store items that are on sale.

You have good reasons to do so, but is it really the best decision? Budget-friendly markdowns often mean that the products you’re about to buy are close to their expiration dates. And yes, some food items can still be consumed after the expiration date, but that’s not the case with the following foods; they most definitely don’t belong in your kitchen nor your refrigerator. Let’s discover which foods you shouldn’t buy when they are on sale!

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Pre-cut veggies or fruit

Most times, pre-cut fruit and veggies are super convenient, especially when we are on the go. However, the fact that they are pre-cut comes with a cost. Pre-cut veggies and fruit are more expensive than the whole ones, and you might get pretty excited when you see them on sale.

Yet, buying them is not the smartest idea. Grocery shopping expert and the author of The Real Food Grocery Guide, Maria Marlowe, says that most stores put pre-cut veggies and fruit on sale because they are about to expire. So, if you’re not going to eat them the same day, it’s best to avoid them.

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  1. what did people do before we had expiration dates? we ate the food anyway. WHY? Because many foods are not picked yesterday or harvested yesterday and arrive in the store. some aged meats are months old that hang in climate-controlled environments to “age ” for tenderness. Tender is just another word for cellular breakdown so it becomes more tender. actually, it becomes easier to digest. all veggies unless locally grown are weeks or months old and shipped in refrigerated trucks. so much for saving the planet by eating veggies and avoiding cow farts. I wonder what the Indians did to prevent the bovine expulsions that came from the millions of buffalo? Cant ask them because we herded the indigenous people into barren lands away from civilized people. they should have just killed them ( oh wait we did ). Much of the hype we read today about food or jabs that is “good for us” is information to steer us into making purchases that will make us the banker’s money. My personal philosophy comes from my poor ignorant mother with a third-grade education, and I quote. believe nothing you hear and only half what you see. it has served me well. I prove everything I read. I compare as many sources that have proven accurate in the past. some information that are decades old where they had no stake in its worth. Articles published are written for a reason. the efforts provide benefit to someone. I find that few people are truly concerned about your health. so lets apply what I said to myself. what would I gain in offering advice to people that would remove any risks of buying products with that dreaded EXPIRATION date? the biggest one would be a healthier society and fewer dangers for everyone. including my grandchildren.. poor health makes people irritable and prone to more violent behavior. They would have better chances for a long life. We now live in a world where profits are made by the perception of having the best to offer. the company that is first to ship to places that don’t grow or produce these products. The problem comes when the food loses nutrition and taste because we don’t know what good fresh fruit or vegetables taste like we are told to look for the perfect color or shape then we put everything upon them to alter the actual taste. many times the fruits that are expired will be the best tasting. having a brown spot is undesirable and looked over by the ignorant shopper. this is why we have food that is repaired for us. We are told it is for convenience and time saving repairing those meals that take so long. The only real danger comes from mishandling which exposes them to salmonella that can be eaten. We now depend upon the media to teach us what is good for us, how to cook, and what is best for us. If that doesn’t work then we have a pill to take that will fix everything. The best thing that we need we stuff into the old people’s homes to sit in from of the TV until we die. All that useful knowledge gained during life is wasted. Traded off for the fast pace of media that is driven by profits, not your good health. well, I hope my rant will have given you food for thought. Thanks for reading my post.—— I, Grampa

  2. Too much generalization in the authors recommendations. For example, bread. Bruschetta is an Italian staple that is made with stale bread. Most organic labeled products in the grocery store are only marginally ‘better’ than their counterparts. I do agree with not buying anything “pre” at all…veggies, fruit, bread.

    If you truly want to eat healthy you won’t be in a grocery store at all.

  3. AVACADOS: FYI, green” aka, unripe avocados will keep very well and ripen at a MUCH SLOWER rate in the refrigerator. I do this all the time when they are on sale. I buy several hard, unripe avocados and keep them in the frig until I’m ready to let them continue to ripen.

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