Everything Donald Trump Eats in a Day: Disturbing or Not?

Donald Trump is by far one of the most discussed famous people in the world, with many fans watching his every move – and that includes his eating habits. While his doctors have always claimed Mr. Trump is in ‘excellent health,’ his meal preferences may not show the same thing!

Donald Trump weighs 239 pounds and measures 6 feet, 3 inches tall. Judging by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, his current weight is only one pound below the ‘obese’ qualification.

So what does the former U.S. President like to eat on a normal day? Let’s find out. PS: Stick with us until the end to find out the weirdest eating habit Donald Trump has!

Donald Trump
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Reportedly, Donald Trump isn’t a breakfast person… at all. During a Fox News interview from 2016, he said he avoids breakfast anytime he can. He added that he enjoys having lunch, although dinner is his favorite meal of the day. Breakfast, though, not so much.

However, if he does need to have breakfast for various reasons, his main choices are:

  • Bacon and eggs
  • Cereal
  • McDonald’s McMuffin

As Trump says, bacon and eggs are his favorite breakfast choice, as long as the bacon is medium-cooked with over-well eggs. Unlike most Americans, he doesn’t drink tea or coffee.

Experts’ opinion:

Jo Travers, dietitian and author of “The Low-Fad Diet”, explains that consuming bacon frequently can increase the risk of cancer in the long run because it’s a processed pork product. He also mentioned that a diet this high in protein can put extra pressure on the organs as fat accumulates unnecessarily if Mr. former-President doesn’t drink enough water daily.


Many of Donald Trump’s eating habits are exposed in the book “Let Trump Be Trump” by former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. In the book, he talks about how Mr. Trump doesn’t really enjoy eating during the day and he usually goes 14-16 hours without any food.

However, the former-President does have a few lunch favorites. Back in 2005, he and his wife Melania prepared a meatloaf sandwich on Martha Stewart; at the time, he said this was his favorite kind.

Experts’ opinion:

While Travers agrees that meatloaf sandwiches are actually a decent choice for lunch, he’d rather use brown bread instead. Additionally, he recommends having some salad on the side or other veggies because the body needs fiber, as well as vitamins for a good digestion process.

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After a day of barely eating anything at all, Mr. Trump finally reaches his favorite moment of the day: dinner.

Fast food all the way

He is a huge fan of fast food and usually prefers to go to town and enjoy his all-time favorites: McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC. However, the taste isn’t the only reason why he enjoys these meals so much. It’s also their safety.

Donald Trump said that with one bad hamburger and you can destroy McDonald’s. One bad hamburger and you take Wendy’s and all these other places and they’re out of business. He likes cleanliness, and he thinks you’re better off going there than maybe someplace that you have no idea where the food is coming from.” –

As Lewandowski says in his book, Mr. Trump’s favorite dinner consists of 2 Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, and one small chocolate-flavored shake. This would be about 2,430 calories.

In fact, he loves McDonald’s so much he even asked his kitchen staff at the White House to replicate their menu. Ultimately, he gave up the mission after several attempts declaring they ‘couldn’t match the satisfaction’ of the real deal. He also loves McDonald’s so much that he has actually served it to visiting dignitaries instead of the traditional chef-prepared meals.

Alternative dinner choices

When he’s not eating fast food, Donald Trump also enjoys a good pizza – but leaves the crust untouched.

He enjoys steak every now and then too: very well cooked and served with ketchup. One time, he went to BLT Steakhouse with several guests and ordered a BLT Steakhouse, requesting the meat to be well done, and simply ate it with ketchup.

How well done, you ask? According to his former butler, ‘It would rock on the plate, it was so well done.’

Snacks and drinks

The former U.S. president is reportedly a big fan of Diet Coke, sometimes drinking several cans a day. He always skips alcohol and the media believes this is due to his brother’s alcohol struggles in the past.

As for snacks, the only thing he’s really into chips and crisps. To make sure he satisfies his cravings every time, Mr. Trump’s kitchen is stocked with Doritos and Lay’s.

The problem? Well, most of the snacks on grocery store shelves are overloaded with salt and empty calories. The term ’empty calories’ basically means that food gives you very little to no nutrients at all while giving you the illusion of being full. The more snacks you eat, the more likely you are to suffer from high cholesterol levels along with an increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and blood circulation problems.

Sure, we can all give in to such cravings every now and then. However, considering Donald Trump’s daily menu overall, he’s most likely not getting his daily recommended intake of nutrients to stay perfectly healthy.

Bonus: A weird eating habit REVEALED

During his time spent as the U.S. President, Donald Trump has had many meals at the White House, most of them with guests. According to TIME, though, he has a very peculiar habit during these meals.

Reportedly, Trump asks the White House staff to always serve his meal differently than that of his guests. For example, if the guests are served a salad with creamy vinaigrette, Mr. Trump gets a Thousand Island dressing. If they were enjoying chicken, only Donald Trump received extra sauce for it. As the group got to the dessert, Mr. Trump was the only one who got two cups of ice cream while everyone else had one.

Although all those extra treats might’ve felt good, they can seriously damage Trump’s health in the long run. Most of the people in our country are exceeding their daily recommended intake of sugar without realizing it – and if you double the portion of ice cream, you’ll definitely have a dangerously high risk of type 2 diabetes or obesity.

Donald Trump
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Experts’ conclusion

Overall, Travers says that Donald Trump might use a more balanced diet that includes all of the food groups so he gets the nutrients required. According to him, the ideal daily menu should consist of half fruit and veggies, one-quarter of carbohydrates, and one-quarter proteins.

Nevertheless, the former President has been remaining surprisingly healthy given his strange diet habits. Reportedly, he might not practice enough physical activity either, which is essential for reducing the risk of long-term illnesses while adding extra years to our lifespan.

However, there’s a lot we can learn from all of Donald Trump’s strange habits. Read on to get all the recommendations…

Healthier meal tips

Many people don’t even try to make their diet healthier believing they must change their entire lifestyle to make a difference.

Fortunately, the truth is that small changes can make a huge difference and keep us healthier in the long run. Here are a few small, affordable things you can start doing right now to live a healthier life:

  • Add fruits to every meal. If your diet resembles Donald Trump’s, you definitely should increase your fruit and veggie intake. I highly recommend starting to add fruits to each meal (either as a side or a dessert) because they’re tastier and give you an equal amount of nutrients.
  • Start eating healthy snacks. You don’t have to give up Doritos for plain salads to stay healthy. Many snacks are both healthy and tasty, including nuts, seeds, or homemade chips.
  • Drink water. Believe it or not, staying hydrated can make a huge difference; it helps your body clean itself from toxins, promotes blood circulation, and might even help you lose weight! Don’t believe me? Try for yourself and see how it goes! If you need a bit of motivation, check out this water bottle.

Struggling with meal planning?

Meal planning can save you a lot of time and financial resources all while promoting healthy eating. However, it seems like we never have the time or inspiration to create a meal plan that matches our health needs, doesn’t it?

I’ve been there – and I’ve failed a lot of times. But each time I’ve learned more and more about how meal planning works and this helped me design daily and weekly plans that actually work.

Today, I want to help you live a healthier life in a tasty way. This is why I’m offering all my favorite tips for how to change your lifestyle in a healthy and nutritious way: 11 Healthier Sugar Alternatives You Should Be Using!

What about fast food?

Every nutrition specialist out there seems to condemn junk food due to the health risks it brings in the long run. But is fast food really that unhealthy?

Truth be told, many foods offered by large fast-food chains can cause more harm than good – mainly due to their high sugar content. However, if you’re used to eating this type of meal daily, giving it up cold turkey can be extremely difficult.

The most important thing in achieving a balanced lifestyle is to make small changes and take every goal one day at a time. If your goal is to stop eating junk food for good, you can start by choosing healthier options when you order fast food.

Other helpful resources

These days, information is all around us – but how can we know what’s right when everyone seems to have a different opinion?

Well, the best way of making sure that you prevent serious illnesses properly is to only apply expert-verified information based on studies. Our posts at Wellness Captain meet this criterion as our goal is to offer valuable tips in simple, affordable ways for our community.

What do you think about Donald Trump’s diet? Share your thoughts in the comment section and let’s chat!


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