8 Foods That Are Most Likely to Make You Sick

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When you eat contaminated food, food poisoning happens. And, sadly some food items are more likely to cause food poisoning than others, so edibles like poultry and fish could make you end up in the emergency room. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat them anymore.

You just have to check them better before cooking them. If not, symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps, loss of appetite, and nausea could occur. And if you’re living with a chronic disease, you should be more cautious of what you’re eating.

Doctors say that people with chronic diseases are at a much greater risk of becoming ill with food poisoning. That’s why you should be aware of the foods that are more likely to cause food poisoning.

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  1. I worked for a local butcher while growing up. every day we had to scrub down everything. the worst part was the inside of the meat counters. they were the old styles and we had to bend over backward to reach the glass and front or customer side of the cooler. the meet was wrapped and loaded into the walk-in cooler at the end of the workday. The worst part is we used full-strength vinegar. it sure cleared your sinuses. the butcher block was also cleaned with vinegar with salt added. all the machinery that had cutting blades were also cleaned the knives sat in a dish of vinegar until used the next day. This man had only a small store but had loyal customers that came in twice a week for fresh meat, chickens, and eggs. turkeys were always ordered ahead of time. I sometimes wonder if the counters were cleaned at the supermarkets. they count on packaging to keep everything from contamination.. Ed the butcher would always rinse his hands with vinegar when he picked up the meat. In all the years the shop was around I never heard of anyone getting food poisoning from his meat. In a neighborhood where we all knew each other, it would have spread quickly if true. We don’t need all the fancy cleaning supplies that cost so much and may contain chemicals that are bad for you, or your kids. Methods learned when we didn’t have refrigeration to keep us safe are no longer passed down. When a real crisis comes we had better know how to eat safely and keep ourselves clean or die. We are now three generations away from such knowledge. best find out.——— I, Grampa

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