8 Worst Beverages You Should Leave on Grocery Store Shelves

energy drinks
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7. Energy drinks

Next on our list of the worst beverages for your health are energy drinks. They are notorious for containing flavors, sweeteners, and artificial colors. Some energy drinks contain up to 240 mg of caffeine. That’s around three cups of coffee.

Don’t fall into the marketing trap—anything packed with chemicals isn’t going to provide energy in a healthy way. After having one of these beverages, you may notice symptoms such as jitters, an increased heart rate, and insomnia. Consuming too many energy drinks can lead to increased stroke risk and high blood pressure.

One of the main ingredients in these drinks is sucrose, making them no healthier than soda drinks. They also contain citric acid, which can damage tooth enamel. This being said, energy drinks are some of the worst beverages for your health, so make sure you avoid them.

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  1. What about the vitamin water…same make as in picture but says “0′ calories?

    I need to hydrate excessively due to to dry mouth and only one kidney…?..also, as a brass instrument musician..I need to consume at least 32 oz during reheasal or concerts…etc


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