Are These 10 Delicious But Expired Foods Safe To Eat?

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Ahh…the age-old question! Keep it or toss it?

Just because you have expired foods in your home, it doesn’t mean they’re not safe to eat. Every food you purchase has a shelf life. Except for fresh produce that isn’t sold in a package, virtually all food items are marked with an expiration date, giving the consumer an idea of when they should eat them.

However, those dates are only intended to serve as guidelines and don’t ACTUALLY indicate food safety. They really just provide a general estimate regarding when a particular food is at its peak quality. That means that you can basically enjoy anything beyond the date you see on the packaging.

Baby formula is the only exception because it has a federally regulated expiration date and must be consumed within a given time period. So which foods are ok to eat when the expiration date has come and gone? We’ve found 10 that may be lurking in your pantry NOW!

…Keep reading to find out what to toss!

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  1. This was a great article. Learned a lot about keeping food. Mostly common sense but, still good to know for sure.

    1. Wow! This article was EXCELLENT! I intend to type summary and send to others that I know would feel the same way. Thank you.

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