Have you considered the ways in which you can make your morning coffee even better?

*Attention, this article is written by a coffee lover, hence it will not be containing any objective opinion, only personal feelings about coffee*

If you don’t even consider starting your morning without the proper cup of coffee, we totally get you. The benefits of having coffee are endless, and even though doctors are recommending drinking it in moderation, it is our day starter.

We all have our coffee in a certain way, whether it’s a double espresso or flat white, or a cappuccino. But sometimes we need diversity in our lives, even in the way we drink our coffee.

We thought it would be a good idea to explore some new ways of drinking coffee, to make things more interesting. You might not have wondered how to switch up your morning coffee, but let’s find out.

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Cream is love

Although the cream is the most basic thing you could think of when adding ingredients to your coffee, hear us out. The growing market of coffee creamers these days has come up with new ways to enhance your coffee.

There is dairy milk, which you can use to mellow out acidic beans. There is alternative milk, through which we mean soy, almond, oat, rice, hemp, cashew, walnut, and coconut (you name it).

Also, the good old-fashioned sweetened condensed milk, a staple ingredient for coffee drinks that can be found in many countries, like Thailand or Vietnam.

And there are our favorites, flavored creamers. Pumpkin spice latte, and homemade peppermint patty, are the delicious flavors that can really make a spectacle of your morning coffee!

Flavored syrups

Flavored coffee syrups are pretty straightforward when it comes to sweetening your coffee. Today, you can experiment with syrups in the comfort of your home, while before you couldn’t find a good caramel macchiato in any other place than at the coffee shop.

If you’re not into coffee syrup, here’s the trick: if it’s added properly, it can really complement the notes of coffee beans. The perfect combination between syrup and roasted beans can make the ideal coffee flavor.

You can try it at home by purchasing from your local store these flavored coffee syrups: vanilla, caramel, mint, raspberry, almond, gingerbread, hazelnut, marshmallow, cinnamon, French toast (we know, right?), and pumpkin spice.

A good way to find your favorite flavors is to get yourself a sample pack that will help you try more of them! Here is our recommendation!


Yes, ok, we admit it, there is something better than coffee, and that is chocolate. But what if we’d told you the two of them are great together? The creamy, velvety qualities of chocolate can soften the strong and rich bitterness of coffee beans, becoming the dreamiest mix you could possibly wish for.

You can try adding miniature milk or dark chocolate square to your coffee cup and watch it melt.

There are also cacao nibs that you can sprinkle into your coffee. For an even stronger flavor, grind together some cacao nibs with whole beans, and you’ll be left speechless by how amazing this morning’s coffee combination can be.

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There are a lot of things to learn about how to drink our coffee when we visit the coffee house. You went once to have a coffee with a friend and you ordered a fantastic cup of coffee with an orange flavor.

Maybe you thought to yourself you could never do that at home, but actually, you can. Citrus can help neutralize bitter and acidic cups of coffee, specifically those made from over-oxidized grounds.

Citrus is the best when it can be added to lighter and medium-roast coffees. If these names sound familiar to you, next time try adding some orange peel or lemon juice so you can enjoy the best version of your morning coffee.


Yes, you can enjoy drinking your coffee and get the healthy properties your body needs. How? By adding spices. Adding spices to your coffee can have a positive effect on your morning routine. Spices can offer an alternative way to a healthier life because they are packed with phytochemicals and nutrients.

If you don’t trust us, no problem, you can trust science. You can try adding cinnamon, which will help you stabilize blood sugar, and support your heart health.

Nutmeg, just like cinnamon, is a healthy option for your morning coffee, improving blood circulation and immune system functions. Cardamom has a sharp, earthy taste that will fit perfectly in your coffee mug.


We bet you didn’t hear of this one. Butter can give your morning cup a rich and unctuous creaminess that most artificial coffee creamers are trying to imitate. Adding a small amount of grass-fed butter, which is rich in omega-3, vitamin A, vitamin K, and beta carotene) can be a healthy choice for your coffee routine.

If you want to take the example of classic recipes, you can add one to two tablespoons/cup of coffee. But for the start, you might want to start on the lower end, adjusting to the flavor and see if it fits your taste.

Alternative Natural Sweeteners

If we have the same taste, it means you like your coffee sweet. It’s true, many doctors recommend we avoid sugar and try drinking our coffee raw and unsweetened. But if you can’t help yourself (I know for a fact I can’t) and you still want to try out some healthy options, you can try natural sweeteners.

By natural sweeteners, we mean maple syrup, honey, agave, molasses, and coconut sugar(which is lower on the glycemic index due to its insulin content). They’re easy to be found at the closest grocery store if you don’t have them already in your home.

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Coconut Oil

Prepare, we just entered the big league. Although we suggested before you might want to try butter to make your coffee more creamy and unctuous, we have a suggestion for our vegan or dairy-free friends that are out there.

Coconut oil has been recognized to have many benefits, especially for cases where there are dietary restrictions, lactose issues, or just people who try to avoid animal products.

It is also considered that adding a tablespoon to your morning cup increases energy, revives the metabolism, and sharpens mental acuity. Even though all the above is true, we just recommend it in the morning because it tastes amazing.

Peppermint Oil Extract

Peppermint oil extract is a great choice when you want your coffee to be flavored, but without adding any sugar or having unknown ingredients. It is extracted from the peppermint plant, and it’s generously rich in flavor and refreshing.

If we didn’t convince you so far to leave everything and get a cup of coffee, we’re gonna make it worse for you: you can combine it with creamer, alternative milk, or coconut oil.

Yep, we just told you the secret recipe for the true delight of coffee. Just remember to add only two drops of pure peppermint oil extract to your mug, otherwise, it might steal the taste of the coffee.


We decided to take the advice of some doctors and give you another suggestion(a bit more controversial) on how to drink your coffee. Adding alcohol to your coffee is a common practice not just when you’re on vacation with your friends, but all around the world.

In Nordic countries, some coffees are served liquor, and it’s called “kaffekask” or “kaffegok”. But there’s also Irish coffee or rum and coffee that’s becoming really famous in Central America.

If you ever have a harder morning or just want to try something else, just add a few of your favorite spirits or liqueurs, and enjoy the taste.

When we are talking about morning coffee, it is always a good idea to be cautious about how much sugar we put into it! This is why you should consider giving these amazing alternatives a try and improving the health score of our morning!

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