11 Popular Supplements That Hide Major Risks


Who knew that supplements were not as healthy as we thought? There are many reasons why people have turned to supplements to improve their health. Of course, they don’t do all the job alone, but along with healthy eating habits and the constant presence of sport, it can have a good outcome. The more you […]

10 Foods That Don’t Get The Healthy Credit They Deserve

Some foods and beverages get a lot of love out there, mainly because they have the superfood title stamp on them. Edibles like blueberries, salmon, walnuts, and spinach are well-known superfoods, but there are others, too, that, unfortunately, don’t really get the healthy credit they deserve. One of these foods is sauerkraut (fermented cabbage). Sauerkraut […]

10 Hidden Dangers Lurking in Foods We Eat Everyday

Most times, we know when something is bad for our health just by looking at it, but how about the ingredients used in certain foods? Because some foods may look super edible and healthy, but in reality, they aren’t. With so many preservatives and harmful chemicals used in most food items, it’s tough to choose […]

11 Foods That Fight Chronic Diseases

One of the best ways to keep diseases at bay is to make sure your diet is abundant in antioxidants. Although our bodies produce antioxidants, it’s best to keep your supply at maximum rates, especially if you want to guard your cells against damage caused by free radicals. Because when free radicals build up, it […]

11 Super Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste and Save Money

Food waste is actually a bigger issue than most of us would think. As a matter of fact, approximately one-third of all food produced worldwide is discarded for different reasons. This translates to almost 1.3 billion tons of food every year. And it may not be surprising at all that the U.S. wastes more food […]

11 Foods That Are Good for Gut Health

Common gut issues such as bloating, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome can destroy your day in several ways. And it’s not just your day affected, but your overall health, too. The good news is that the foods you put (or should) on your plate can relieve your gut problems. Certain foods can help soothe bloating, […]

11 Foods You Should NEVER Put in the Cart When They’re On Sale

When we think about saving money, our thoughts go directly to grocery shopping. Most of us go grocery shopping at least once a week, and if you’re one of them, you know how big the grocery bill is every time, so you might be tempted to buy some grocery store items that are on sale. […]

9 Essential Vitamins Your Body Needs Daily

We all know (I guess) that vitamins and minerals play crucial roles in many body functions. And while we are all aware of their importance, we often don’t get enough of them. Why is that so? You can get your much-needed vitamins from your diet. It’s the easiest and the healthiest way. Still, most Americans […]