10 “Delicious” Leftovers You Shouldn’t Eat Even If They Are Amazing

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Cold-pressed oils

Cold-pressed oils, also known as the healthiest oils we could possibly ask for – flaxseed oil, olive oil, canola oil, and other seed oils. They’re all rich in omega-3 fats, and numerous unsaturated fats that are a real marvel to our health. Also, they’re extremely sensitive to temperature.

So if you cook something with one of these oils, just remember that reheating them can make them unstable, rancid, and…unsafe. When you re-use the oil, it can create free radicals that are a danger to your body in the long run. These free radicals are carcinogenic, and they can have a great impact on your overall health.

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  1. I agree that we should put unused food back in the fridge immediately after getting what we need for the dish being prepared. I also agree that leftovers should go into the fridge immediately after a meal. However, the other things you’ve mentioned , I’ve never had a problem with.

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